Who Is Orsus Gate?

Most law firms are named after their partners.  We chose a name reflective of our top priority: our clients.  We don’t have anyone named Orsus or Gate.  In Latin, Orsus means “beginning,” “initiative” or “undertaking.”  It describes the clients we primarily serve, those who have taken the risks and the initiative of beginning and creating something new and unique.  Gate is shorthand for litigate.  It broadly describes the service we provide our clients.  No matter how we grow or how the firm changes, Orsus Gate will always be focused on its clients, not on itself.

Our Philosophy 

Orsus Gate was founded on two principles:

First, that all disputes start small and that catching and addressing them early allows for infinitely more options, saves time, resources, and frustration.  

Second, that no two cases are the same.  Each problem has its own history, each client has specific concerns and each issue has its own pressure points.  Given these variables, there should never be a  "standard" way to approach a case.  We hand-tailor each strategy to ensure that we are always working toward our clients' ultimate goals.

Our Team

founding partner

Denis Shmidt

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Managing Partner

Nabil Bisharat

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Lisa Guadagni

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