A New Way To Litigate

Early Dispute Resolution

Traditional Model: Most litigators believe that a case starts when a lawsuit is filed.  “Let’s wait and see” is a common refrain and probably one of the most dangerous pieces of advice that a client can rely on.  Even after a lawsuit is commenced, most firms follow the same outdated and costly steps, without really understanding their clients' needs or goals.

Orsus Gate Model: All disputes, no matter how large, start off small.  We work with our clients as partners to squash small issues as soon as they start.  Actively resolving disputes early on can prevent years of costs, distractions and headaches.  Even if a dispute goes to litigation, we continue to work closely with our clients to define their ultimate goals and create a plan to achieve those goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our strategies are always developed after fully understanding our clients' needs and concerns, never the other way around.

Dynamic Pricing

Traditional Model: Despite dozens of articles decrying the billable hour, most law firms continue to rely on an hourly rate as their principal means of revenue.  Worse still, they regularly provide discounts to large institutional clients—who can actually afford to pay the full rates—and charge full rates to startups because they have less information and bargaining power.

Orsus Gate Model: We view each matter as unique.  We take into account the size and complexity of the matter, the size of the client and where they are in their development, as well as the client’s ultimate goal and the hurdles to attaining that goal.  We then work directly with our clients to develop a plan that makes sense for the specific matter and that specific client.  Our plans include: fixed fees, monthly fees, lower hourly rates with goal-based bonuses and a myriad of hybrid arrangements. 

Trial experience

Traditional Model: Nearly every civil litigation firm proudly states that they are “trial lawyers.” But are they? About 98% of civil cases settle. This number goes up when dealing with complex commercial litigation.  Regardless of what they say, most civil litigators—even incredibly successful ones—have little to no trial experience. What happens when they get one of the 2% of cases that goes to trial?

The Orsus Gate Model: We are founded on the bedrock of actual trial experience.

As a prosecutor, our founder has spent thousands of hours in the courtroom, has conducted hundreds of hearings and has personally taken over a dozen jury trials to verdict.  He did this individually, not as a member of a team where he could rely on junior associates to conduct the research and senior associates to prepare the witnesses. 

Our managing partner has handled cases alongside some of the best trial litigators in the nation, regularly representing clients facing multi-million dollar claims.  He makes every strategic decision , whether it is discovery, dispositive motions, or pretrial briefing,  with trial in mind.  When a trial inevitably approaches, he is prepared, while other attorneys are scrambling to catch up. 

We are trial attorneys.  We build every case with an eye towards trial.  We know how to pick a jury, how to cross examine witnesses and how to weave a theme throughout an entire case.  Most importantly, when we threaten to take a case to trial, our opponents know we can actually do it.